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DIAF is the highest-level organization in Ecuador committed to aeronautical development, maintenance, electronics, avionics, engineering and research applied to the production of aeronautical goods and services, constructionof necessary elements for the industry and supply of parts and spare parts integrating the highest quality with advanced technology in every service it provides.


Be a competitive organization in aeronautical maintenance and technological innovation focused on to defense and development.


Provide quality aeronautical goods and services to meet the needs of armed forces, public enterprises, air operators and related services; and, contribute to national defense and development.



The Directorate of the Aeronautics Industry of the Ecuadorian Air Force “DIAF” was created by Constitutive Law on June 15, 1992, becoming an entity of public law, attached to the FAE General Command, with legal status, operational, administrative and financial autonomy, set up with equity and own funds.

The Directorate of the Aeronautics Industry of the Ecuadorian Air Force “DIAF” has been for more than 27 years the highest level organization in Ecuador in the provision of aeronautical services, technical maintenance, supply of parts and spare parts to the Armed Forces, State Aviation and National and International Commercial Aviation.

DIAF has contributed to the social and economic development of the country, giving category and prestige to the services and, especially to the good name of the organizations that are of authentic Ecuadorian type.

Ecuador has in DIAF, a distinctive of exclusive characteristics, as the link of its progress, since it is the institution's commitment to move forward with the usual effort, to reach the most outstanding destinations of international enshrinement.

Let there be no doubt about our promise.


As an endorsement of our services, DIAF has received a large number of recognized certifications in the aeronautical industry, such as:

Federal Aviation Administration
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Civil Aviation Authority of Ecuador
Civil Aeronautics National Institute of Venezuela
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Dirección de Aeronavegabilidad de la Fuerza Aérea Ecuatoriana

Administrative Facilities

DIAF has administrative facilities in Quito city, and operational facilities at the Cotopaxi International Airport in Latacunga city and José Joaquín de Olmedo International Airport in Guayaquil city.

Operative Center - Latacunga

The main operating center is in Latacunga, where started DIAF. It has a work area of 3,900 square meters that allow it to develop properly aeronautical maintenance work, providing all the necessary facilities.

Operative Center - Guayaquil

In the city of Guayaquil, our operating center is located next to the José Joaquín de Olmedo International Airport, capable of carrying out repair and integration of aeronautical systems, providing technical support and research to companies in the sector.


Major Inspections

Structural Repairs

Non-destructive inspections

Special welds


We provide quality services for sale, installation, preventive and corrective maintenance of electronic equipment of communication, navigation and flight instruments.

Aeronautical Engineering

We provide engineering solutions in each service offered to our clients, employing highly trained personnel, characterized by their effort and attachment to all the quality and safety policies that the institution manages.


DIAF storage facility in Ecuador. Many carriers have opted to store their planes. We are expanding our facility from its current slots to accommodate more aircraft. Check our slots for storage or parking.

    • From few hours or overnight to a few days
    • Immediate ready-to-fly condition
    • Small servicing tasks.
    • From few days to several weeks
    • Minimal initial preservation work involved
    • Return to flight
    • From few weeks to several months
    • Preservation work
    • Return to flight
  4. • STORAGE
    • Aircraft out of operations for several months
    • Location with easy access for technical personnel
    • Major parts in preserved condition or removed
    • Return to flight

Sales material

Do you need parts and spare parts? Download our list of materials and make your request through the contact form or our contact information.

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Everything about DIAF

Twin Otter at DIAF

Twin Otter in the Diaf The DIAF in its constant contribution to the development of the national aviation industry, both civil and military, has come to perform a series of technical works for the Twin Otter aircraft that the Ecuadorian Air Force owns, since welding, the technical support, avionics services, and even non-destructive inspections. All these

Second Inspection “C”, FAE 630 Aircraft, B737-200

Second Inspection C FAE 630 Aircraft On May 31, 2019, the second major inspection of the BOEING 737-200 aircraft of the Ecuadorian Air Force FAE-630 begins in the city of Latacunga. Better known as a “C” check, in which 943 check cards were specifically met

PDM Inspection, FAE 893 Aircraft, L100-30

PDM AERONAVE L100-30 / FAE-893 INSPECTION In the facilities of the OMA-DIAF, located in the province of Cotopaxi canton Latacunga, The Aeronautical Industry of the Ecuadorian Air Force, is responsible for carrying out the process of major inspection PDM (ProgramedDepotMaintenance ) for the L100-30 FAE-893 plane. For which the aircraft belonging to the Transport Wing

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